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There is a range of business opportunities in North America waiting for your company to be part of them.

Trade In Motion will connect you with Mexico, the United States of America and Canada through the following services:


Market analysis and strategic information

Do you know what the market needs are and the challenges that your potential clients are experiencing?        

How we can support you and your company:


Understand the market

The first step is to understand the market; so, our main approach is to evaluate, validate and assess markets using a lean methodology to understand challenges, stages and timing of our customers’ markets.


The sales process

The second step is the sales process. It requires a clear market understanding with a specific method to summarize all of the data needed to make profitable decisions. Our services include all the information necessary to reduce risk and increase revenues.


We use LEANSTACK tools such as the Lean Canvas and the Customer Forces Canvas to help you to have a clear understanding of your product, idea or technology; to know if it is valuable  and ready for the market, and to identify what issues the customer wants to resolve. 

Our team holds a certificate on Lean Sales and Lean Marketing from Lean Sales Academy - MH Services.

Additional services:

Market research, analysis and trends

Market studies and industry profiles

Market entry strategy

Profile of main players and competitors

Nearshore accompaniment

If you are not sure what the best is for you and your company when considering manufacturing in Mexico, the USA or Canada, we can support you to make the right decision.

Finding the right partner and the right location or facility is crucial to diminish risks and succeed, so we provide an accompaniment service to make the right decision when investing in Mexico, the USA or Canada.

We take care of our clients by evaluating various options. We guide our customers step by step until arriving to their final goal. 

Accompaniment services:



Find the right partner, location and facility according to the product or technology


To decide

Visit manufacturing facilities, industrial parks and regions to take the best decision

We communicate in English, French and Spanish.

Find the right business partner

If you don’t know where or how to find a reliable partner, representative of distributor, we look for the right one for you and for your product.



Find the right partner, representative or distributor according to your product, technology and industry


Screening and investigation of potential partners


Support with Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances