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The US workforce shortages over the last 200 years

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The United States has experienced various challenges historically in terms of workforce shortages. From the early days of the Industrial Revolution to the modern age of technology and automation, the need for a skilled workforce has always been a priority.

One of the earliest challenges in the United States was the lack of a skilled workforce during the Industrial Revolution. As manufacturing began to take hold, there was a significant shortage of workers who had the necessary skills to operate the machines and equipment.

Another challenge that arose during the 20th century was the shortage of workers in the healthcare industry. With an aging population, the demand for healthcare services increased, leading to a shortage of qualified doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

In recent years, the rise of automation and technology has led to a shortage of workers in fields such as information technology, engineering, and other STEM-related professions. The demand for workers with these skills is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

To address these issues, the government and private sector have been investing in education and training programs to encourage more individuals to pursue careers in these fields. Additionally, many companies are offering on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs to help individuals gain the necessary skills and experience to succeed in these fields.

Sources of workforce solutions include government initiatives, private sector investment, and education and training programs.

As an example, the government has implemented various programs and policies aimed at addressing workforce shortages, such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), signed into law on July 22, 2014, which provides funding for education and training programs to help individuals gain the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. The private sector has also played a role in addressing workforce shortages, by investing in training programs and offering competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain skilled workers.

Governments, the private industry and education institutions have been implementing many different excellent programs to support the industry to fill the gap of talent in the United States.

However, training the talent takes months or years which can become a burden for companies in need of immediate talent.

As the economy and job market continue to evolve, it is essential to have the right talent at the right moment; to ensure that the workforce is available whenever is needed and with the necessary skills.

The solution that Trade in Motion offers is to bring capable STEM professionals and technicians from Mexico.

The solution from Workforce in Motion

Workforce in Motion offers a solution to the gap in the workforce in Arizona and Nevada. We support companies to find Mexican skilled STEM graduates and technicians, from entry level to experienced workers, ready to work in Arizona.

Our immigration expert takes care of all the visa process for the company and for the talent to be ready to work within 2 months. You don’t need to hire an expensive immigration law firm; we manage all the visa process.

The benefits of using our services

There are many benefits of using our services, including:

  • The professionals will be ready to work withing 2 months. We take care of all the visa process for the company and for the professionals.
  • We can support companies with qualified professionals who speak at least English and Spanish
  • The professionals will have experience working in a different country in a STEM profession
  • All of these aspects will help your team diversity and performance with unique skills


In next week’s blog we will address the moments in the history of the United States that has experienced a shortage of STEM Workforce filling the gap with professionals from foreign countries.


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